Ways to Reduce a Tax Burden

      The reader may observe some instances of property tax appeal work in our client services. Those instances refer to resolutions of disputes through negotiation at the local level. Michigan Property Consultants uses its expertise and energy to solve problems through a mutual decision of all parties. The expertise of this company lies in matters of real and personal property taxation only.

  1. The company does not litigate tax disputes. It provides information and services intended to avoid costly disputes.
  2. It will aid firms or individuals wishing to understand the components of a potential dispute.
  3. It will communicate with local assessing officials.
  4. It will develop a list of potential dispute resolutions and cost savings.
  5. The exception is special assessment administration. The area is of particular interest to our firm. We have unique training in this area and participate in the process from formation through appeal activities.

      Michigan Property Consultants has no legal expertise whatsoever and has no interest in routinely undertaking property tax appeals. When there is a legitimate disagreement regarding a valuation issue or a property tax process, our function is to act as a mediator, bringing parties together. We evaluate issues; providing advice as to the types of solutions that may be available and the least costly method of securing those solutions. A number of our clients avoid costly appeals and are quite satisfied following an initial consultation or ongoing consultations. Since we do not make our living from the appeal of property taxes, we do not bill based upon a percentage of tax savings. Our fee structure is based upon a standard hourly rate.

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