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We answer questions for ordinary citizens and meet specific needs of private enterprise and government

Note:     The reader may observe some instances of property tax appeal work in client services listed on the "sample clients" page. Those instances refer to resolutions of disputes through negotiation at the local level. Michigan Property Consultants uses its expertise and energy to seek solutions to problems through a mutual decision of all parties. The company does not litigate tax disputes. It will aid firms or individuals wishing to understand the components of a potential dispute. We will communicate with local assessing officials. We will develop a list of potential dispute resolutions and that process may result in tax savings to clients. However, our firm has no legal expertise whatsoever and has no interest in routinely undertaking property tax appeals. When there is a legitimate disagreement regarding a valuation issue or process, our function is to act as a mediator and bring parties together. We evaluate issues for clients and provide advice as to the types of solutions that may be available and the least costly method of securing those solutions. In fact, a number of our clients avoid costly appeals and are quite satisfied following an initial consultation or ongoing consultations. Since we do not make our living from the appeal of property taxes, we do not bill based upon a percentage of tax savings. Our fee structure is based upon a standard hourly rate.

     Clients of Michigan Property Consultants L.L.C. are buying an extensive knowledge base and about 40 years of experience in the fields of property taxation and economic development. Our company applies its expertise in Michigan's real and personal property tax laws, economic development and research to serve its clients. The acquisition of tax incentives forms one component of services offered by Michigan Property Consultants. We assist site developers in pre-purchase due diligence and research. Taxing entities have used our counsel in determining which incentives to make available and in marketing those strategies. Our background includes additional experience in certain telecommunication and emergency preparedness issues. A brief list of property tax and economic development services follows. Our sample client list is another good source of information regarding the scope of services provided by this company.

Have you seen the LIGHT?

      If the answer is no, join the rest of the crowd. Historically, tax incentive programs have been passed by federal and state legislative bodies in a piecemeal fashion. Usually, as individual reactions to specific problems brought before them.   Consequently, gathering these individual components into a total incentive package is difficult. We review the individual laws and facilitate their use by our clients. Michigan Property Consultants (MPC) focuses it's expertise on the practical application of Michigan's tax incentive programs. We enable business and government to work in a mutually beneficial environment. We expedite and streamline the job generation process. One of our strong focuses is providing companies and communities with limited resources, a cost effective means to enter into financially attractive joint ventures. We do everything we can to create synergy and maximize everyone's return on effort. This is usually done by identifying and bringing key players from private enterprise, local and state entities together.

      While both attorneys and government administrators hire us; we do not practice law nor do we replace an entity's fiscal services staff. We are "practitioners" who have been involved in economic development and property taxation for about 40 years. Our job is matching the needs of business with the needs of specific communities; striking a balance between costs associated with job generation and the benefits received.

      Whether you are a private firm or a local governmental unit...working with you, MPC will find the best match between incentives offered by state and/or local government and the needs of a private entity creating or retaining new jobs.

      Benefits are available statewide for most types of development including residential, commercial and industrial. However, far more benefits are available for industrial and technological job generation activites than for commercial and residential development. Benefits available through local governmental units will vary based upon geographic location and demographic profiles.

       Complete exemptions provide tax breaks which in a first approximation equate to about $40,000 per million dollars of investment taxable value. Abatements create a 40% to 50% abatement of taxes for a typical range of 12 to 15 years. In many cases, the abatement is transferrable to new owners. Certain projects such as those involving the redevelopment of a polluted or "Brownfield" site offer substantial repayment (up to 100% of cost) for "eligible" development costs. In addition to commonly recognized pollution correction issues, these reimbursements may include the cost of new improvements to real property and certain demolition expenses.

      There are several classifications of tax incentives for which your company may be eligible. Generally they fall into these categories:

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